domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014


Please Eddie, Please Stone, Please Matt, Please Mike, Please Jeff.

The Corruption is killing Spain. The corruption  puts out the people from their homes. The corrupt affects gobernment n´  spends the money from the public health, Infant feeding  in weapons, personal corruption
(sorry for my bad english)
I´m a pediatrician of 41 years old who loves your music, lyrics n´way of live  since I heard n´saw your concert in a place called “Revolver” in Madrid, Spain in 1992. 

I´was a little student of medicine and at the end of the show, a joung Eddie allowed a lot of guys like me to went over the Scenario with all the band, and sing the great “alive “ song.  At the battery there was not Matt, and Boom Gaspar was not at the organs (there were no organs at that time)  but you can tell this story to their better than me.  
In Spain some politician and mad people were lying for a long time to the country and to the world. They are like Jorge Bush gobernment were in  your country in the past.  This is a false democracy, hidden by some MASS MEDIA controlled  by this corrupted politician. Not all the politician are corrupted.
Those we fight against corruption, like me n´ a lot of good spanish girls n´boys, women  n´men, we are persecuted by some bad corrupted persons of  government. Justice is slow and the corruption has crippled Justice.

Please COME BACK to Madrid, SPAIN. We need yor Music, your lyrics. Now its time for change. 

THIS ARE links of  MY CASE: but there´s a lot of cases in Spain, worst than mine.


2.- (here there is a link, where I play a very bad music.)

Thanks for your attention, Pearl Jam.

A letter from a Spanish Pediatrician who grows up with your Great music.