miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

A Little letter to B2B

Thanks for your follow. I don´t speak german .A Little english For your atenttion. Thanks.

I´m specialist in pediatric intensive care. I create in a new hospital (Gobernment said that was far public but wanted to privatize) a system for sedation in NMR, carried out by pediatrician with capacitation in pediatric intensive care with Permission of leadership and service of anesthesia. Great results in efficiency. 

Unfortunately i fell sick (great problem). My boss during my illness, replaced the method using a pediatrician without preparation in intensive care, with the risk for the childs that it´s suppose. When I return, I gave my opinión against this great risk for child in my opinión. In addition my leader in the pediatric service is  a pediatric intensive care as me. I was punished to work in emergencies all days, he removed me from the guards (less Money for me), and in the hospital the staff murmured about my disease. I was a victim of mobbing. But I sustain, and I dont went away, until  they open a punishment procceding with lies against me. They don´t have any proofs of some ridiculous accusations, and they commit evident faults in other accusations. In this mafious sanity, if they accse you, you have two years for the administrative appeal. But it´s a cheating, because they don´t listen no one of allyour apellations during this two years. And then you have to come to the ordinary justice. And in my country, this may take around four or five years. In my case, the punishment procceding began in 2010 and now in October of 2014, I´m waiting for a date for  judgment. In this period you can´t work in a public health service of all the country. And in a prívate health service, they look you very bad. A political decision (privatitation of new hospitals) has shattered my promising career. A “doctor-patient-with ethic” in a private hospital in my community, is shattered with lies. 
¿Can you help me? You have a mail in the other blog page.
Thank´s  for hear me, in my despair. That its quite something
Please excuse my very bad english.

(Like Eddie Vedder sings, I STILL ALIVE)

In tribute to: another employee in public health service. Teresa Romero. Infected with Ébola virus, and insulted, attacked by the same who destroy my carrier. God bless Teresa.